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Detroit, Michigan, 1874-1910; 1912-1917.
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May 07, 2018:

Pipe organ division started by John T. Austin in 1893. Incorporated as Austin Organ Co. in 1898. For further information, see: Austin Organ Co.

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October 30, 2004:

From the OHS PC Database, derived from A Guide to North American Organbuilders, by David H. Fox (Richmond, Va.: Organ Historical Society, 1991). -

Succeeded Simmons, Clough & Co.; established by James E. Clough, George P. Warren and Joseph A. Warren in Detroit and Adrian, Michigan, 1874; makers of reed organs and pianos; a pipe organ division was added in 1893 when John T. Austin joined the firm. The pipe division closed in 1899 when fire destroyed the factory, it was succeeded by the Austin Organ Co. The Clough & Warren firm went bankrupt in 1910; but was reorganized in 1912; the firm was last listed in 1917.

Organ Division Staff: Basil G. Austin; John T. Austin; Robert P. Elliot.


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