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Boston, Massachusetts 1872-1881.
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September 09, 2015:

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After leaving Hook and Hastings, various staff members would form their own firms:


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April 16, 2010:

Note from the Organ Database Builders editor Stephen Hall, May 27, 2017. -

Brothers Elias and George G. Hook established their own firm as E. & G. G. Hook of Salem, Massachusetts. The firm was relocated to Boston, Massachusetts in 1831. The Hook brothers had apprenticed with the organ builder William Goodrich prior to opening their own shop. By 1860, the firm was the largest organ builder in the United States.

Francis Hastings joined the Hook firm in 1855, taking a leave of absence from 1862-1865 for military service during the Civil War. He became a junior partner in 1866 with purchase of $6,666 note from Hook brothers. He subsequently became a full partner in 1871, and the nameplate of the company changed to E. & G.G. Hook & Hastings ca. 1871-1872.

For further information, see Hook & Hastings.


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October 30, 2004:

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Firm established by Elias and George G. Hook in Salem, Massachusetts, 1827 as E. & G. G. Hook; firm relocated to Boston, Massachusetts, 1831.

E. & G. G. Hook & Hastings established by Elias Hook, George G. Hook and Frank Hastings in Boston, Massachusetts, 1872; firm headed by Hastings after 1881 as Hook & Hastings; firm relocated to Kendal Green, Massachusetts, 1889; incorporated, 1895; liquidated, 1936.

Staff: Anderson; Nicolas Svendson Bach; (J. L. Bamford?); Henry Bartlett; Moritz Baumgarten, Jr.; Robert J. Bennett; Paul L. Benz; Martin P. Berg; Carrol Berry; James L. Bickforth; Arthur Bolton; Henry W. Bowen; Joseph Brady; William A. Braithwaite; A. W. Brodrick; Richard J. Brooks; Albert L. Brown; Cadwater; Frederick Campkin; Victor Carlson; Chaffin; Joseph Chase; Jas. L. Clark; Arthur L. Coburn; James Cogswell; James Cole; Joseph Cooper; John H. Corrie; Andrew DeCourcy; Alfred C. Earle; Frederick J. Flaherty; C. B. Floyd; Arthur Gilson; William C. Greenwood; William E. Greenwood; Charles W. Griffiths; John Guthrie; Harry Hall; Samuel S. Hamill; Herbert C. Harrison; Anna C. Hastings; Henry P. Holland; Frederick Clapp Hook; George S. Hutchings; Norman Jacobsen; Henry D. Kimball; William B. King; Jaeger; E. J. Kilburn; Edward J. King; Stephen P. Kinsley; Edward Lahaise; Erasme Lahasie; Henri Lahaise; Horace Lahaise; Emory Warren Lane; William W. Laws; Octavius Marshall; Irving E. Maynard; (Merrwagen?); M. H. Millard; Franz A. Moesch; Charles H. Moor; George A. North; Andrew Olson; Conrad Olson; J. Olson; Samuel Pierce; Mark H. Plaisted; Charles S. Plumer; Henry J. Poole; Alfred R. Pratt; Thomas J. Quinlan; Roland Rand; C. C. Richards; Charles Richards; George S. Richards; George H. Ryder; Scott; Shellard & McCraith; William B. D. Simmons; Hans Steinmeyer; Henry Strum; Edward A. Tilton; Thomas R. Todd; Harry F. Van Wart; Melvin Weber; Charles J. Whittaker; John Henry Willcox; J. B. Wilson; James Woodberry; Jesse Woodberry; Charles F. Winder; Carl T. Young; George Zimmer.

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