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Waltham, Massachusetts, 1890's and 1910-1920.
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October 30, 2004:

From the OHS PC Database, derived from A Guide to North American Organbuilders by David H. Fox (Organ Historical Society, 1991). -

Emory Warren Lane, Born 1862 in Waltham, Massachusetts; attended Boston University; teacher at Waltham High School; in office of architect H. W. Peabody; with Hook & Hastings of Boston, Massachusetts, office work; established Waltham Church Organ Co. {E. W. Lane} in Waltham, Massachusetts, 1890; partner with George S. Hutchings in Hutchings Organ Co. of Waltham, Massachusetts, 1908-1911, factory manager; Lane resumed operation of own firm, 1912-1920; alderman of Waltham, Massachusetts; with W. W. Kimball firm of Chicago, Illinois; retired c. 1930; died in 1935.

Staff: Moritz Baumgarten, Jr.; G. A. Dominique; William B. Goodrich; Charles T. Harris; Herbert C. Harrison; Charles Richards.


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