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New York City, New York, 1872-1893; branches in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Baltimore, Maryland.
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October 12, 2015:

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Hilborne Roosevelt died in 1886, Frank headed the firm until he closed the organ works in 1893, he continued LeClanche Battery Co. and other business activities until his death in 1895.

After the firm's closing, some members of the staff formed their own companies:

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October 30, 2004:

From the OHS PC Database, derived from A Guide to North American Organbuilders, revised edition, by David H. Fox (Organ Historical Society, 1997).

Established by Hilborne L. Roosevelt with brothers Cornelius Roosevelt and Frank Roosevelt in New York City, New York, 1872; branch shops in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Baltimore, Maryland, c.1880-1891; Hilborne died in 1886, Frank continued the firm until he closed the organ building portion in 1893, he continued the battery business at the same location until his death in 1895; assets of the organ works were sold to Farrand & Votey of Detroit, Michigan.

There were three auxiliary businesses operating out of the New York City shop: Roosevelt Brothers Batteries, the LeClanche Battery Co., and the Champion Electric Burglar Alarm Co. Although not designated as a business, the firm also made Jaques water motors at this location.
[See Article: Water Motors]

Staff: George Abel; Beaufort J. Anchor; Peter Baggstrom; Frederick A. Bartholomay; Samuel L. Bates (Philadelphia); (William A. Braithwaite?); John Brown; Elmer Browne; Frederick Campkin; (Engle Carlson?); Nicholas Chatelain; Thomas J. Clarke; Walter S. Coburn; James Cottier, Walter F. Crosby; Oliver B. Culley (Philadelphia); William J. Davis; Gustav F. Dhring; William N. Elbert; Albert Englefried; Charles Engelfried; John B. Fackler; G. Fink; Julius Firmbach; William B. Fleming; Jul. Fuchs; Geoler; Anton Gottfried; Leonhard Gutfleisch; Charles S. Haskell; William E. Haskell; William F. Hastings; John W. Heins; F. C. Küpfer; Nick Link; George Mack; C. Louis Miller; Louis F. Mohr, Sr.; Robert M. Mohr; Oscar Muller; Arnolph Polster; M. Rablat; Rassman; Carl Reese; Walter L. Royall; August R. Schopp; John Shofer; George Silbereise; Adam Stein; Francis J. N. Tallman; (George G. Wacker?); Paul Wagner; Joseph G. Webb; Charles F. Winder; William Winder.

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