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June 13, 2020:

Eusèbe Brodeur (1839-1913) Eusèbe Brodeur learned his organ building trade from working with Joseph Casavant from whom he purchased the workshop in 1866. To complete his knowledge, he went to Europe in 1870. It is also believed that both Casavant brothers were initiated to the trade of organ building while working in his workshop. His first instruments are lost or have been altered or have been integrated into new instruments. Fortunately, the organs of the parish churches of Cacouna, Québec (1888) and St. Joseph-de-Soulanges, Québec (1898) instruments have preserved their authenticity. The 1893 instrument in St. Monique-de-Nicolet, with all its original material, was restored in 2002 by Orgues Létourneau. The last organ that Brodeur built was for St. Anne-de-Sorel, Québec (1905). He closed his workshop in 1905, although he remained active afterwards doing maintenance works. He died on April 11, 1913. Brodeur's caseworks do not have anything of special merit. Brodeur's instruments are known for the heaviness of their mechanisms mainly due to the use of large valves. As a builder he introduced 8' pedal stop, a nasard and even a cromorne to organs in Québec which was not frequent in that period.

Reference: CD Booklet "Orgues anciens du Québec", Fonovox - Société Radio-Canada

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