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Fort Wayne, IN 1930s
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May 07, 2018:

From an issue of The American Organist, Volumes 31-32, p.156 (American Guild of Organists, 1939), viewed on-line through Google Books, accessed Dec 4, 2015. --

E.B. Bohn operated a firm in Fort Wayne IN in the 1930s which built and serviced organs. In 1939, the firm became the representative for Estey pipe organs in the Midwest. The firm had already been selling and servicing Estey reed organs for some time previous to this announcement.

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December 04, 2015:

From Waterloo Press Waterloo IN, Jan 22, 2015, accessed on-line Dec 4, 2015 --

E. B. Bohn, Organ Builder, Will Play a Recital Which Will Be Open to the Public, Bishop B.H. Cain to Preach

All plans have been completed for the dedication of the new pipe organ in the Waterloo United Brethren church next Sunday. The dedicatory service win begin at 10:30 a.m. and in addition to the musical numbers the dedicatory sermon will be given by Bishop Benjamin H. Cain, superintendent of the St Joe Valley Conference. B. H. Bohn, builder of the organ, will present a dedicatory recital in the afternoon beginning at 2:30 o'clock and continuing for one hour. There will be vocal music during the services. Special printed invitations have been issued for the services. The organ is complete in its various tonal voices and is considered one of the finest in this part of the state. A large organ chamber has been provided in front of which is a beautifully designed Romanesque grille through which the organ speaks. The organ is equipped with 83 [33?] stops and chimes. It is generously supplied with stops covering the Reed, Diapason, Flute and String Choruses. It will be entirely under expression. The organist through the use of the very latest accessories at the console will have the entire organ under control. The action is the very latest in electric pneumatic design. It is considered to be the speediest and most reliable type of action that is built. The console is finished in oak to harmonize with the church furniture. The specifications for the organ and the designing were done by Mr. E.B. Bohn, the organ builder.

The following is the program for the organ recital: E. B. Bohn, Organist and Organ Builder, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Praise Ye the Father - C. H. Gounod
Pastorale--Shepherd's Pipes - Harris
Sonata In E Major - Handel, Arranged for the organ by E. B. Bohn
Vocal Number, Mrs. Ida Luce
Offertory Berceuse from Jocelyn - Godard
Improvisations on Hymns - Bohn
March of the Priests (Athalie) - Mendelssohn
Vocal Selection - Men's Quartet
Largo from Xerxes - G.F. Handel
Andante Cantabile, Festival Postlude - Tschalkowsky [sic]

Editor's Notes:
1) The 83 stops is probably 33, the article was transcribed from an OCR scan.
2)The Festival Postlude might not be by Tchaikovsky, the Waterloo Press was not well-proofed in 1915.

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December 04, 2015:

From Mark Gaertner, Clearlake Lutheran Church Historical Highlight Revised 9.21.2010, available on the Stubbin County Lakes Council website at http://clearlakeindiana.org/history/2010-09-lutheran-history.pdf, accessed Dec 4, 2015 --

A short history of the Clearlake Lutheran Church in Clearlake IN, states that an Estey electro-pnumatic pipe organ was installed in 1940 (Gartner, p.3). As Bohn Organ Co. was the Estey representative in the area, presumably they installed and serviced it. The same source states the congregation was using a Bohn organ in 1952, and that Ed Bohn of the Bohn organ company was a regular worshipper. (ibid, p.6) The Bohn organ was repaired in 1956. (p.7) Apparently the repair was not totally satisfactory, in 1963, an organ fund was begun. (p.7) It is not stated if this was to repair or replace the Bohn organ. In 1965 a Baldwin electronic was installed, but the Bohn organ may have been left in place. (p.8) In 1980, the Baldwin was replaced by a Rodgers pipe/electronic combination, it is not stated if this was all new pipework or if any of the Bohn organ pipes were used.

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