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Giles Beach (1873)


Fonda Reformed Church
21 Broadway
Fonda, NY 12068 US
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This entry describes an original installation of a new pipe organ. Identified by William Dunklin, using information found in a vintage postcard.
A postcard mailed in 1911 shows the organ free standing to the left of the chancel. The case is in three flats, with some upper casework. The church's website includes a history of the congregation written in 1925. It says this of the organ: "In 1872 by joint action of the Consistory and Board of Trustees the name was changed from that of the Reformed Dutch Church of Caughnawaga to the Reformed Church of Fonda, which action was confirmed by decree of the County Court, May 16, 1883.
In 1873, the church edifice was enlarged by the addition of 30 feet to the length and improved at a cost of about $4,600. Col. Simeon Sammons was instrumental in raising $2,500 in pledges during the services one Sunday. At the same time the old organ was traded toward the present pipe organ. It was built by Mr. Augustus Beach of Gloversville, who brought it in sections to the church, there assembling the parts with great care to get each pipe in its proper place. Rufus Merihew, a merchant, is said to have been the first organist at the new organ. Soon after 1900 the organ was moved from the rear of the church to its present position. At the same time that the organ was purchased, the pulpit chairs, desk and communion table were purchased also."
Photographs of the building (2016) show the organ case in the remains in the same location shown in the postcard.

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Instrument Images:

Sanctuary Interior, Chancel, and Organ Case: Vintage Postcard; image courtesy of William Dunklin (ca. 1911).

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