Joseph B. Zamberlan (J. Zamberlan & Co.) (2020)

Originally Hook & Hastings (Opus 2610, 1935)


Zabriskie Memorial Church of St. John the Evangelist
Newport, RI US
Organ ID: 69028

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Status and Condition:

  • This instrument's location type is: Episcopal and Anglican Churches
  • The organ has been altered from its original state.
  • The organ's condition is good, in regular use.
We received the most recent update for this instrument's status from Scot Huntington on September 01, 2021.

Technical Details:

  • 3 divisions. 2 manuals.
  • Built by Joseph B. Zamberlan (J. Zamberlan & Co.)
  • Manuals: 2
  • Divisions: 3
  • Position: Console in fixed position, right.
  • Manual Compass: 61
  • Pedal Compass: 32
  • Key Action: Electrical connection from key to chest.
  • Stop Action: Electric connection between stop control and chest.
  • Console Style: Traditional style without cover.
  • Stop Controls: Drawknobs in horizontal rows on terraced/stepped jambs.
  • Combination Action: Computerized/Digital system.
  • Combination Action Name: Solid State Organ Systems
  • Swell Control Type: Balanced swell shoes/pedals, AGO standard placement.
  • Pedalboard Type: Concave radiating pedalboard meeting AGO Standards.
  • Has Tutti Reversible Thumb Pistons
  • Has Tutti Reversible Toe Pistons
  • Has Combination Action Thumb Pistons
  • Has Combination Action Toe Pistons
  • Has Coupler Reversible Thumb Pistons
  • Has Coupler Reversible Toe Pistons
  • Has a Piston Sequencer
We received the most recent update for this console from Scot Huntington on September 01, 2021.
Scot Huntington on September 01, 2021:

The new Zamberlan console, done in a style evocative of the original 1894 Hook & Hastings mechanical-action keydesk, is the first phase of a three-phase organ renovation project. The second phase, contracted to begin in the Fall of 2021, is a conservation of the surviving 1894 Hook material but retaining electric key action, with a replication of the 1894 wind system and enlargement of the Pedal division. Phase three as yet remains a future enticement, and covers the construction of a small antiphonal organ in the rear of the church for congregational singing enhancement.

We received the most recent update for this note from Scot Huntington on September 01, 2021.

Scot Huntington on September 01, 2021:

This entry is for the new console built and installed by J. Zamberlan & Co. in March 2020 to replace the 2008 Odell console. The on-site wiring was done by Richard Houghten. The Odell console was sold to a private individual to become part of a Hauptwerk in-home digital practice machine. The new console is installed on a movable platform which permits the console to move forward and back for servicing. The 1935 and 2008 consoles were installed at the altar end of the rear row of choir pews forcing the choir to turn towards the altar to see the organist. The new position is at the nave end of said choir pews. The new console was designed by the Director of Music Peter Stolzfuss-Berton and is considerably larger than previous consoles, with prepared stops for the planned addition of fake digital voices and an antiphonal division, as well as a plethora of combination pistons and performance accessories such as transposer, record/playback, sequencer, assignable pistons, etc.

We received the most recent update for this note from Scot Huntington on September 01, 2021.

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