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All Extant Pipe Organs: (50,609 results)

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Builder and Opus Institution Location Size Attachments
Bruce Case (1994) Oakwood Village Lutheran Chapel - Hebron Hall Chapel Madison WI, US 2 manuals
William Wallace Kimball Bethany Baptist Pawtucket RI, US 2 manuals, 9 Ranks
Harry Hoffman (1976) First Baptist Church St. Joseph MO, US 3 manuals, 30 Ranks
Adrian Koppejan Pipe Organs (1989) Residence: R. Nichol Edmonton AB, CA 2 manuals
Schlicker Organ Co. (1951) Trinity Episcopal Church - Christ Chapel Buffalo NY, US 2 manuals, 24 Ranks
Henry Pilcher's Sons (1899) Nelson Brothers Lanesboro MN, US 1 manuals
Henry Pilcher's Sons (1890) American Reformed Church Miamisburg OH, US 2 manuals
Nichols & Simpson, Inc. (1994) First United Methodist Church Hope AR, US 2 manuals, 27 Ranks
Rodney Trostad (1960s) Liberty Bay Presbyterian / Christ Memorial (old) Poulsbo WA, US 3 manuals, 15 Ranks
Unknown Builder (1924) Maranatha Christian Church Spokane WA, US 2 manuals
Harold B. Curryer (1975) Originally Geo. Kilgen & Son, Inc. (Opus 4792, 1931) First Presbyterian Church Great Falls MT, US 3 manuals
M. P. Möller (1893) First Presbyterian Church Indianapolis IN, US 2 manuals, 16 Ranks
Levsen Organ Co. (Rodney Levsen Sr.) (1993) St. John's Lutheran Sumner IA, US 2 manuals, 8 Ranks
Wicks Organ Co. (1990) Originally Aeolian-Skinner Organ Co. (Opus 1495, 196) St. Paul's Episcopal Cathedral San Diego CA, US 4 manuals, 85 Ranks
Philipp Wirsching (1904) St. Francis de Sales R.C. Church Toledo OH, US 2 manuals
Wicks Organ Co. (1992) Church of the Redeemer Westlake (Cleveland) OH, US 2 manuals, 9 Ranks
Casavant Frères Ltd. (2007) Originally Casavant Frères Ltd. (Opus 2994, 1969) Linfield College McMinnville OR, US 3 manuals, 48 Ranks
Hinners Organ Co. (1918ca.) Sacred Heart R.C. Church Rutland IL, US 2 manuals
E.M. Skinner, Inc. (1960) First United Methodist Church Manchester GA, US 2 manuals, 12 Ranks
Robert L. Sipe (& Associates) (1990s) Originally Wicks Organ Co. (Opus 4814, 1969) First Church of the Nazarene Bethany OK, US 4 manuals, 44 Ranks
The Rudolph Wurlitzer Co. (1950s) Originally The Rudolph Wurlitzer Co. Coon Valley Lutheran Church (ALC) Coon Valley WI, US 2 manuals
A. J. Schantz, Sons & Co. (1919) Presbyterian Church Bluffton OH, US 2 manuals, 8 Ranks
Owner (2011) Originally Balcom and Vaughan (1950) Residence: Green Oregon City OR, US 2 manuals, 13 Ranks
M. P. Möller (1974) Originally M. P. Möller (Opus 6748, 1939) Forest Hills United Methodist Church - Sanctuary Brentwood TN, US 3 manuals, 17 Ranks
Emery Brothers (2012) Originally E. M. Skinner (Opus 407, 1923) Old St. Joseph's R.C. Church (Society Hill) Philadelphia PA, US
California Organ Co. (1916) Canoga Park High School - (originally Owensmouth High School) Canoga Park CA, US 2 manuals, 21 Ranks
Unknown Builder (1970s) Lovely Lane United Methodist Church Cedar Rapids IA, US
Steiner Organs, Inc. (1968) St. Jude R.C. Church Fort Wayne IN, US 3 manuals, 45 Ranks
Estey Organ Co. Masonic Lodge #46 Los Angeles CA, US 2 manuals, 14 Ranks
Tellers Organ Co. (1962) Grace Episcopal Church Elmira NY, US 3 manuals
Kilgen Organ Co. (1951) First Avenue Methodist Church - Sanctuary St. Petersburg FL, US 3 manuals, 24 Ranks
Balcom and Vaughan Pipe Organs, Inc. (1982) Originally M. P. Möller (Opus 7131, 1944) First Christian Church Bremerton WA, US 2 manuals, 5 Ranks
Di Gennaro-Hart (2011) Originally Reuter Organ Co. (Opus 1355, 1962) St. Andrew's Episcopal Church Burke VA, US 3 manuals
Austin Organs, Inc. (1988) Originally Schantz Organ Co. (Opus 430, 1959) University of Tulsa - Sharp Chapel Tulsa OK, US 3 manuals, 30 Ranks
Schoenstein & Co. (2017) Holy Cross R.C. Church San Jose CA, US 2 manuals, 3 Ranks
Brunner & Associates LLC (2018) Lazarus United Church of Christ Lineboro MD, US 2 manuals, 7 Ranks