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Builder and Opus Institution Location Size Attachments
Steere & Turner [John S. Steere] (Opus 271, 1888) None New Richmond WI, US 2 manuals
Unknown Builder (1806ca.) None Unknown KY, US 1 manuals
The Ernest M. Skinner Co. (Opus 123, 1905ca.) None Unknown 11, 11 2 manuals, 17 Ranks
Lawrence Phelps & Associates (1974) None Unknown CA, US 2 manuals
Henry Erben (1877) None Montréal QC, CA 1 manuals
Casavant Frères (Opus 3870) None 11, US
Hinners Organ Co. None Holyoke MA, US
George Jardine & Son (1888) None San Diego CA, US
Friedrich Johann Ladegast (Opus 94, 1883) None New York City: Manhattan NY, US 2 manuals
Wicks Organ Co. (Opus 218, 1918) None Orlando FL, US
Wicks Organ Co. (Opus 219, 1918) None Pottstown PA, US
Henry Pilcher's Sons None Louisville KY, US
Wirsching Organ Co. None Boston MA, US
Geo. Kilgen & Son, Inc. (1890ca.) None Sun Valley CA, US 2 manuals
E. & G.G. Hook & Hastings (Opus 775, 1874) None London 11, UK 1 manuals
E. & G.G. Hook & Hastings (Opus 860, 1877) None London 11, UK 1 manuals
August B. Pomplitz (1873) None 11, US
Wicks Organ Co. (Opus 231, 1917) None Kansas City MO, US
Hellmuth Wolff & Associés (Opus 7, 1972) None Montréal QC, CA 2 manuals, 1 Ranks
Casavant Frères Ltée. (1911) None Athens ON, CA
John Gale Marklove (1850ca.) None Lee Center NY, US 1 manuals
E. & G.G. Hook & Hastings (Opus 1504) None Mars Hill ME, US
George Jardine (1841ca.) None (Guatamala), GT
Hinners Organ Co. None Putnam IL, US 1 manuals
Louis Pomplitz None Altamont IL, US 1 manuals
Unknown Builder (1887ca.) None Bethlehem PA, US 2 manuals
M. P. Möller (Opus 724, 1907ca.) None Baltimore MD, US 2 manuals
Reuter Organ Co. (Opus 191, 1964) None Dunning TX, US 2 manuals, 9 Ranks
None None , US
None None , US
George Jardine (1843ca.) None New York City: Staten Island (Port Richmond) NY, US
Holtkamp (Opus 1585, 1935) None Cleveland OH, US
Henry W. Knauff, Sr. (1840) None Canandaigua NY, US
E. & G. G. Hook (Opus 79, 1847) None Eastford CT, US 1 manuals
Carl Barckhoff [Sr] (1905ca.) None Grand Forks ND, US 2 manuals, 6 Ranks
Carl Fudge None Frankfort KY, US 1 manuals