Danville, Pennsylvania
St. Paul's-Emmanuel United Methodist Church

A. B. FELGEMAKER Co., Opus 584, 1894 - Original Specifications

GREAT                                        COUPLERS (Drawknob)
   Gr. 16'    Bourdon.              49          Swell to Pedal
   Gr. 16'    Bourdon Bass.         12          Great to Pedal
   Gr. 8'     Open Diapason.        61
   Gr. 8'     Melodia.              61          Swell to Great
   Gr. 8'     Dulciana.             61
   Gr. 4'     Octave.               61
   Gr. 4'     Flute d'Amour.        61       FOOT LEVERS (Unlabeled)
   Gr. 2-2/3' Twelfth               61          Piano Great
   Gr. 2'     Fifteenth             61          Forte Great
                                                Great to Pedal Reversible

              Bellows Signal                 PEDAL MOVEMENTS
                                                Swell Expression             (bal.)

SWELL (Expressive)
   Sw. 8'     Open Diapason         49       12 pipes from Stop'd Diapason
   Sw. 8'     Stop'd Diapason       61
   Sw. 8'     Salicional            61
   Sw. 8'     ├ćolina                61
   Sw. 4'     Fugara                61
   Sw. 4'     Flute Harmonique      61       ACTION: Mech. Key & Stop
   Sw. 8'     Oboe                  49
   Sw. 8'     Bassoon               12       VOICES: 17
              Sw. Tremolo
                                             STOPS: 19

PEDAL                                        RANKS: 17
   Ped. 16'   Double Open Diapason  __
   Ped. 16'   Bourdon               __       PIPES: ______

              Pedal Check

The organ is installed at the front of the room on the right-hand side with the right side
of the organ case facing the congregation. The organist sits with their right side facing
the congregation. The front facade contains 33 ornately stencilled metal pipes arranged:
5-5-13-5-5. The right end also sports an ornately stencilled facade of both wooden and metal
pipes in a 3-sectional display arranged: 3-7-3 with the two groups of three being the wooden

Sources: OHS Database account; OHS Database photos by William T. Van Pelt.

 [Received from James R. Stettner 2013-01-10.]
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