Milwaukee, Wisconsin
St. Francis of Assisi R. C.
1927 North 4th Street 

Wm. Schuelke Organ, 1885


Manual I (58 notes, cone-valve chests, mechanical action with Barker lever) 
16' Bourdon
 8' Principal
 8' Melodia (bottom octave common with Gedact)
 8' Gedact
 8' Gamba (bottom octave open wood)
 8' Gemshorn
 4' Octav
 4' Flauto d'Amour (open wood)
 2-2/3' Quinte
 2' Octav
 4 fach Mixtur (15-19-22-26, breaking to 8-12-15-19 at middle c, and further
       breaks at treble f# and high c)
 8' Trompet (from middle c with schiffschen shallots)
    Manual coppel

Manual II (same as manual I, enclosed)
 8' Principal (bottom two stopped wood)
 8' Liebl. Gedact
 8' Salicional (bottom octave from Gedact)
 8' Viola d'Amour (bell gamba, bottom octave from Gedact)
 4' Fugara
 4' Winerfloete (harmonic wood)
 2' Piccolo
 8' Clarionet (bottom octave bassoon construction)

Pedal (27 notes, cone-valve chests, mechanical action-- ALL PIPES WOOD!) 
16' Principal Bass 
16' Subbass
 8' Octav Bass
 8' Violoncello
 4' Octav 

I Manual zum Pedal 
II Manual zum Pedal

Spellings are as they appear on the console.

The only documented changes to the organ have been the addition of electric blowing, the addition of a tremolo (now disconnected), and the alteration of the composition of the six combination pistons (can be restored in an hour or so).

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