Cleveland, Ohio
First United Methodist Church
3000 Euclid Avenue

Casavant organ of 1953

In 1998, a new console was built and installed by the Kegg Pipe Organ Company, then of Uniontown, Ohio. It features drawknobs in French-style terraced design and is on an integral caster system.

Present specification/nomenclature of the organ:

GREAT (Manual II)
16	Double Open Diapason
8	Open Diapason
8	Principal
8	Hohlflöte
8	Gemshorn
4	Octave
4	Flûte couverte
2-2/3	Octave Quinte
2	Super Octave
IV	Fourniture
III	Cymbal
8	Tromba
Chimes (from Antiphonal, Chimes)
Zimbelstern (added in 2000)

SWELL (Manual III, enclosed)
16	Contra Viola
8	Open Diapason
8	Stopped Diapason
8	Viola da Gamba
8	Voix Celeste
8	Æoline
4	Principal
4	Wald Flute
2	Fifteenth
IV	Plein Jeu
8	Oboe
8	Vox Humana (console preparation)
16	Double Trumpet
8	Trumpet
4	Clarion
8	Tuba So. (from Solo, 8’ Tuba)
Chimes (from Antiphonal, Chimes)
Harp (from Choir, Harp)
Swell 16
Swell Unison Off
Swell 4

CHOIR (Manual I, enclosed)
16	Bourdon
8	Violin Diapason
8	Melodia
8	Dolce
4	Violina
4	Flute d’Amour
2-2/3	Nazard
2	Piccolo
1-3/5	Tierce
1-1/3	Larigot
8	Clarinet
1 blank knob
8	Tuba So. (from Solo, 8’ Tuba)
Choir 16
Choir Unison Off
Choir 4
Midi Ch. 3

SOLO (Manual IV, enclosed)
8	Stentorphone
8	Gross Gamba
8	Gross Flute
8	Viola
8	Viola Celeste
4	Principal
8	French Horn
8	Orchestral Oboe
8	Tuba
Solo 16
Solo Unison Off
Solo 4

ANTIPHONAL (floating, enclosed)
8	Geigen Principal
8	Chimney Flute
8	Spitzflöte
8	Flute Celeste
4	Violina
8	Vox Humana
1 blank knob
Antiphonal 16
Antiphonal Unison Off
Antiphonal 4
Antiphonal on Great
Antiphonal on Swell
Antiphonal on Choir
Antiphonal on Solo
Antiphonal on Pedal
Antiphonal Off

32	Resultant
16	First Open Diapason
16	Second Open Diapason
16	Violone
16	Bourdon
16	Viola Sw. (from Swell, 16’ Viola)
16	Gedeckt Ch. (from Choir, 16’ Gedeckt)
8	Octave (extension, 16’ 1st Open Diapason)
8	‘Cello (extension, 16’ Violone)
8	Flauto Dolce (extension, 16’ Bourdon)
4	Choralbass (extension, 16’ Violone)
III	Mixture
32	Contra Bombarde
16	Bombarde
16	Trumpet Sw. (from Swell, 16’ Double Trumpet)
8	Tromba (extension, 16’ Bombarde)
4	Clarion (extension, 16’ Bombarde)

16	Pedal Bourdon
1 blank knob

Great to Pedal 8
Great to Pedal 4
Swell to Pedal 8
Swell to Pedal 4
Choir to Pedal 8
Choir to Pedal 4
Solo to Pedal 8
Solo to Pedal 4
Swell to Great 16
Swell to Great 8
Swell to Great 4
Choir to Great 16
Choir to Great 8
Choir to Great 4
Solo to Great 16
Solo to Great 8
Solo to Great 4
Great to Choir 8
Swell to Choir 16
Swell to Choir 8
Swell to Choir 4
Solo to Choir 16
Solo to Choir 8
Solo to Choir 4
Solo to Swell 8
G[rea]t/Ch[oir] Transfer
All Swells to Swell

16 General pistons (1-16, thumb, 1-6 under Manual III at left, 7-12 under Manual II at left, 13-16 under Manual II, at right; 1-12, toe, left of expression shoes)
8 Great pistons (thumb, under Manual II)
8 Swell pistons (thumb, under Manual III)
8 Choir pistons (thumb, under Manual I)
6 Solo pistons (thumb, under Manual IV)
4 Antiphonal pistons (thumb, under Manual I)
6 Pedal pistons (thumb, under Manual I, and toe, right of expression shoes)
General Cancel (thumb)
Combination Set (thumb)
Combination action lock (with indicator)’
Blind Check (thumb)
Clear (thumb)
Crescendo Adjust (thumb)
Next (thumb and toe)
Memory Up/Down (thumb, under Manual IV)
Great to Pedal reversible (thumb and toe, right of expression shoes)
Swell to Pedal reversible (thumb and toe, right of expression shoes)
Choir to Pedal reversible (thumb, under Manual I)
Solo to Pedal reversible (thumb, under Manual IV)
Swell to Great reversible (thumb, under Manual II)
Choir to Great reversible (thumb, under Manual II)
Solo to Great reversible (thumb, under Manual II)
Antiphonal Off reversible (thumb, under Manual I)
32’ Resultant reversible (thumb, under Manual III)
32’ Contra Bombarde reversible (thumb, under Manual III)
Zimbelstern reversible (toe, right of expression shoes)
Swell expression shoe
Choir expression shoe
Solo expression shoe
Antiphonal expression on Swell, Choir, Solo (by rotary switch)
Crescendo shoe (Standard, A, B, C levels, numeric crescendo indicator)
All Swells to Swell reversible (thumb, under Manual II)
Full Organ reversible (adjustable, thumb, under Manual III, and toe, right of expression shoes, with indicator light)
Wind indicator (light)
MIDI Sequencer
Adjustable bench
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