Houston, Texas
Covenant Church

1893 Hook & Hastings Opus 1556
Restored with tonal changes by Bradley Rule, 2000


Hook & Hastings organ, Opus 1553
Covenant Church, Houston, TX 77004
8' Open Diapason (lower 18 pipes in case), zinc, common metal
8' Melodia, open wood
8' Stopped Diapason Bass, stopped wood
4' Octave (lower 5 pipes in case), zinc, common metal
2' Fifteenth, spotted & common metal [Replaced original Dulciana]
8' Stopped Diapason, stopped wood 
8' Unison Bass, stopped wood
8' Viola, zinc, common metal 
4' Flute (harmonic from middle C), zinc, common metal 
8' Oboe, zinc, spotted & common metal [1-12 new]
16' Sub Bass, stopped wood

Swell to Great
Swell to Great 4’
Swell to Pedal
Great to Pedal
bellows signal
balanced swell pedal
hand pump/feeder bellows

[Received via e-mail January 22, 2009]

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