Groton, Massachusetts
First parish Church Unitarian

E. & G.G. HOOK & HASTINGS, Opus 822, 1876 - Original Specifications
Geo. S. Hutchings, 1890 - Moving & Installation
Andover Organ Co., R-233, R-233 A, R-233 B, R-233 C, 1982-1987 - Staged Restoration

GREAT                                        COUPLERS (Drawknob)
   8  Op Diap                       58          Sw. to Ped. Coupler
   8  Melodia                       58          Gt. to Ped. Coupler
   8  Dulciana                      58
   4  Octave                        58          Sw. to Gt. Coupler
   3  Twelfth                       58
   2  Fifteenth                     58
                                             FOOT LEVERS (Unlabeled; l - r)
                                                Sw. to Gt. 8Ve Coupler         (h-d)
SWELL (Expressive)
   16 Bourdon                 (tc)  46          Great Piano – 8' Mel., 8' Dul.
   8  St'd Diap                     58
   8  Viola                         58          Gr. to Ped. - reversible
   4  Flute Harmonic                58
   8  Oboe                          58          Great Forte – 8,8,8,4,3,2     [full]
      Tremulo  [sic]

                                             PEDAL MOVEMENTS 
PEDAL                                           Swell Expression              (bal.)
   16 Bourdon                       27

ACTION: Mech. Key & Stop    VOICES: 12     STOPS: 12     RANKS: 12     PIPES: 653

According to parish records and notes from Col. Daniel Needham, the organ was purchased
from St. John's Episcopal Church in Boston. The Hook opus list shows Opus 822 as having
been built for Church of the Advent. The sale was represented by George S. Hutchings,
who removed it from St. John's and re-erected it in Groton by May 1, 1890. The total
cost was $1,000.00 The organ was used for the first time on May 4, 1890.

The previous organ, which had been in the church since 1845, was purchased by Mrs.
Charlotte Sibley for $125.00. She, in turn, presented it to the First Parish Church in
Pepperell, Mass.

Sources: parish records, Andover Organ Co. notes, JRS; extant organ

 [Received from James R. Stettner 2014-06-05.]
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