Seattle, Washington
Pilgrim Congregational Church / All Pilgrims Christian Church

HOOK & HASTINGS, Opus 2118, 1906
Balcom and Vaughan, Opus 433, 1946 - Electrification

GREAT                                        SWELL (Expressive)
   16  Diapason                     61          16  Bass Flute                   61
   8   Diapason                     61          8   Diapason                     61
   8   Doppel Flute                 61          8   Gedeckt                      61
   8   Clarabella                   61          8   Viola                        61
   8   Gamba                        61          8   Salicional                   61
   4   Octave                       61          8   Voix Celeste           (tc)  49
   2   Fifteenth                    61          4   Flute    [Traverso]          61
   8   Trumpet                      61          4   Violina                      61
                                                8   Oboe                         61
   Great to Great 4'                            8   Vox Humana                   61

CHOIR (Expressive)                              Swell to Swell 16'
   8   Diapason                     61          Swell Off 8'
   8   Melodia                      61          Swell to Swell 4'
   8   Dulciana                     61
   4   Flute    [d'Amour]           61
   2   Piccolo                      61       PEDAL
   8   Clarinet                     61          16  Diapason      [wood]         30 
       Chimes  (Maas; TA – f 42)   (21)         16  Bourdon                      30  
                                                8   Cello                        30  
   Choir to Choir 16'
   Choir Off 8'
   Choir to Choir 4'

COUPLERS                                      FINGER PISTONS
   Swell to Pedal                  8,4           Swell                        1 – 5
   Great to Pedal                  8,4           Great                        1 – 5
   Choir to Pedal                  8             Choir                        1 – 5
   Swell to Great               16,8,4
   Choir to Great               16,8,4
                                              PEDAL MOVEMENTS
   Swell to Choir                  8             Swell Expression            (bal.)
                                                 Choir Expression            (bal.)
                                                 Crescendo                   (bal.)
   Pedal                         1 – 5
   Gt. to Ped.                   (rev)

ACTION: E-P slider      VOICES: 27      STOPS: 28      RANKS: 27      PIPES: 1,542

As originally installed, the Hook & Hastings instrument was located in a front choir
gallery. The console was detached and operated slider chests by means of tubular-
pneumatic primary action to open the pallets. The console was a terraced drawknob
console. The visible facade consisted of wood and metal pipes from the Pedal 16' 
Diapason; and the Great 16' & 8' Diapasons and 8' Gamba. These 43 stenciled pipes 
were arranged in 4 flats separated by 3 towers, and arranged from left-to-right as:
7 – 5 – 7 – 5 – 7 – 5 – 7. The outer flats of 7 pipes each were square wooden pipes
from the Pedal 16' Diapason – notes 14 thru 27. The two towers of 5 pipes each were
from the Great 16' Diapason. The two central flats of 7 pipes each and the center
tower of 5 pipes are from the Great 8' Diapason and 8' Gamba. The stenciling consisted
of a field of chocolate brown at the top and bottom of each pipe with a field of dark
mustard yellow in the center. These were separated by stripes of bright green bordered
with goldleaf bands.

In 1946, the church made a decision to remodel the sanctuary which regrettably included
extensive alterations to the front of the church. The choir gallery in front of the
organ was removed, and the functional facade pipes were removed to offset chests at the
left side of the organ. The primary action was electrified and the console was moved to
a platform on the main sanctuary floor. The front loft was then walled-over, and grilles
in the front wall and ceiling of the chancel platform were installed in a feeble attempt
to provide tonal egress. This has proven to be wholly inadequate. Only the Swell division
speaks out directly towards the front grille. The Great and Choir pipes are below the 
opening, and the Pedal pipe mouths are at chamber floor level. This situation has also
restricted access to all parts of the organ for consistent and competent service.

The layout of the organ was Great in front of the Choir on the lower level; and Swell
over the Choir and also over-hanging the Great. The Pedal is divided diatonically on both
sides of the manual divisions.

The console shell is original as are all the manual & pedal chests and all the pipework.
The only new chests in 1946 were those for the displaced facade pipes. The stop action at
the console was also changed from drawknobs in terraced jambs to a single row of tilting
stop tablets over the Swell keys.

The Choir 4' Flute is stopped wood with bored stoppers, and was likely called either Flute
d'Amour or Rohr Flute. The Swell 4' Flute is open wood and harmonic beginning at middle c.
It was likely called Flauto Traverso or Traverse Flute. The first 10 pipes of the Swell 16'
Bass Flute are mounted horizontally against the back wall of the swellbox. Balcom and Vaughan
added two drawers beneath the key bed on either side of the console. These are setterboard
switches for the combination action. The Great and Pedal are in the left drawer, and the
Swell and Choir in the right drawer.

The organ remains an historically significant instrument in Seattle. It is the oldest extant
tonally unaltered original organ in its original home in the city. Excepting the electrifi-
cation of the tubular-pneumatic action, the organ remains mechanically unaltered as well.

Sources: Hook & Hastings opus list; Balcom and Vaughan opus list & files; JRS;
         extant organ

 [Received from James R. Stettner 2014-06-24.]
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