Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts
William Butler Memorial M.E. Church

ESTEY ORGAN CO., Opus 674, 1909 - Original Specifications

GREAT                                        COUPLERS
   8'  Open Diapason                61          Swell to Pedal                  [8]
   8'  Dulciana                     61          Great to Pedal                  [8]
   4'  Octave                       61
                                                Swell to Great                  [8]
                                                Swell to Great 8ves             [4] 
SWELL (Expressive)
   8'  Stopped Diapason             61
   8'  Aeoline                      61       PEDAL MOVEMENTS
   4'  Flute Harmonic               61          Swell Expression             (bal.)
   8'  Oboe      [labial]     (tc)  49

   16' Bourdon                      30

ACTION: T-P         VOICES: 8         STOPS: 8         RANKS: 8         PIPES: 445

The organ is free-standing and housed in a quarter-sawn oak case at the front of the room.
The facade contains 33 gold-painted pipes arranged: 5 – 23 – 5. The keydesk is attached and
projecting. The manuals are covered by a lid which unfolds to form a music rack. Stop are
Estey's patented Haskell miniature keyboard above the Swell manual – where the face of the
white keys are engraved to indicate the speaking stop or mechanical function. Pressing the
white key locks it down and actuates the stop. Pressing the adjacent black key cancels it.

Sources: Estey opus list; extant photos of the organ on the OHS Database.

 [Received from James R. Stettner 2015-01-11.]
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