Sandusky, Michigan
St. John's Episcopal Church, 

M. P. Möller Inc., Op. 212, 1898
Installation by Dana Hull 

Manual, 61 notes, enclosed

8 ft. Open Diapason                      51 pipes, metal, 1-10 grooved to Melodia Bass
8 ft. Melodia [Treble, mid C]            37 pipes, wood
8 ft. Melodia Bass                       24 pipes, wood
8 ft. Dulciana [Treble (mid C]           37 pipes, metal
8 ft. Dolce Bass                         24 pipes, wood and metal
4 ft. Flute d' Amour [Treble, mid C]     37 pipes, wood and metal
4 ft. Flute Harmonic [Bass]              24 pipes, metal 
Pedal, 27 notes

16 ft. Bourdon                           27 pipes, wood
8 ft.  Pedal Flöte                       = Manual to Pedal coupler

Balanced Swell Pedal
Bellows Signal

Mechanical action 


 [Received from John Speller 2015-03-14.]
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