Los Angeles, California
Occidental College
Bird Studio, Booth Hall

Hall Organ Company, 1929

GREAT                                           SWELL                                
8  Diapason                 73 pipes            8  Gedeckt (wood)           73 pipes
8  Melodia (wood)           73 pipes            8  Viole d’Orchestre        73 pipes
8  Viole d'Orchestre        (Swell) 		8  Gemshorn Celeste         73 pipes
8  Gemshorn Celeste         (Swell)             8  Aeoline                  73 pipes
4  Harmonic Flute           (Swell)             4  Harmonic Flute           73 Pipes 
                                                8  Oboe                     73 Pipes
Great Tremelo					8  Vox Humana               73 Pipes
Swell to Great Unison                           
Swell to Great Super                            Swell to Swell Super
Swell to Great Sub                              Swell to Swell Sub
Great to Great Super                            Swell Unison Off
Great to Great Sub
Great Unison Release


16 Bourdon (wood)			32 pipes
16 Lieblich Gedeckt (wood)  Ext. of Swell Gedeckt
8  Flute 					[pipes for this rank not listed in contact; possibly a preparation]

Great to Pedal
Swell to Pedal
Swell to Pedal Octave


Adjustable, Double-touch pistons. First Touch affects Manual Stops and Couples, Second Touch affects Pedal Stops and Couplers. Five Pistons operating on Swell and Pedal Stops and Couplers. Four Pistons operating on Great and Pedal Stops and Couplers. One General Piston, single touch, operating on the entire organ.


Balanced Swell Expression Pedal         Balanced Crescendo Pedal
Balanced Great Expression Pedal         Great to Pedal Reversible (duplicated by piston) 
Full Organ Pedal       


Crescendo Indicator                     
Full Organ Indicator

[Details above transcribed from original organ contract.] 

 [Received from Edmond Johnson 2016-02-25.]
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