Norman, Oklahoma
The University of Oklahoma, Catlett Music Center

Hinners, 1923; 
American Organ Institute, 2010

8  Ft.  Open Diapason Bass
8  Ft.  Open Diapason Treble

8  Ft.  Liebl. Gedackt Bass
8' Ft.  Liebl. Gedackt Treble

8  Ft.  Viola d'Gamba Bass
8  Ft.  Viola d'Gamba Treble

4  Ft.  Flute Bass
4  Ft.  Flute Treble


Ped. 16 Ft. Bourdon

        COUPLERS (Drawknob)
Pedal Coupler        [Man. to Ped.]
Man. Octave Coupler

Bellows Signal

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[Corrected/Updated by James R. Stettner  2023-04-04.]
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