St. Louis, Missouri
St. Mark's Memorial Episcopal Church

Aeolian-Skinner Organ Co., Inc.   Opus 979   1938
2 manuals, 8 registers, 7 stops, 9 ranks

   8' Principal           61
   8' Spitzflöte          61   (common Flauto Dolce)
   4' Nachthorn           61   (common Positiv type)
      Great to Great 4'
      Swell to Great 16', 8', 4'
   8' Bourdon             61   (1-12 stopped wood)
   4' Prestant            61   (lowest two octaves slotted)
 III  Plein Jeu          183   (22-26-29)
      Swell to Swell 16', 4'
  16' Bourdon             32
   8' Flute               12
      Great to Pedal 8'
      Swell to Pedal 8', 4'

      Balanced Swell Pedal
      Crescendo Pedal


In 1965 Aeolian-Skinner made the 8' Spitzflute into a 4' and the 4' Nachthorn into a 2'.
Revoicing, and rescaling of the Spitzflute (which was originally in fact made to Flauto
Dolce -- a muted string -- scale in order to get round the lack of a string on the organ)
revoiced and rescaled two notes wider. This change was never a success. Ray Churchtown
attempted to reverse the change, using some of old Kilgen pipes for the missing bass
notes of the Spitzflute. The holes on the chest are about three times as big as the toes
of the pipe and wind escapes around the toes in profusion; furthermore the pipes were
constructed to speak at 6". Pipework altered and damaged in changes. Organ is now
approximately twice as loud as GDH intended.

Original wind pressure 3" (offsets on C# side 4.5" due to the difficulty of getting wind
to the location other than from static pressure). Pedal is still on 4". Eric Johnson and
Speller did some work on redishing and properly adjusting the primaries to get the Gr.
and Sw. down to 3.25". The pedal treble chest, however, doesn't have primaries (venting
directly through the magnets) and works so badly that the pressure has had to be kept high
to get the pedal to work at all.  (John Speller)

[Received from Steven E. Lawson  2016-07-10]

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