Lebanon, Pennsylvania
Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church - "Old Salem"

MILLER ORGAN CO., 1888 - Original Specifications

GREAT                                        SWELL (Expressive)
   Gr. 16 ft.    Double Open        58          Sw. 16 ft.  Lieb. Gedackt        58
   Gr. 8 ft.     Open Diap.         58          Sw. 8 ft.   Open Diap.           58
   Gr. 8 ft.     Gamba              58          Sw. 8 ft.   Viola                58
   Gr. 8 ft.     Doppel Flute       58          Sw. 8 ft.   St. Diap.            58
   Gr. 4 ft.     Octave             58          Sw. 4 ft.   Fugara               58
   Gr. 2-2/3 ft. Twelfth            58          Sw. 4 ft.   Flauto Traverso      58
   Gr. 2 ft.     Fifteenth          58          Sw. 2 ft.   Flautina             58
   Gr. 3 Ranks   Mixture           174          Sw. 3 Ranks Dolce Cornet        174
   Gr. 8 ft.     Trumpet            58              8 ft.   Bassoon Oboe         58

CHOIR (Expressive)
   Ch. 8 ft.     Geigen Principal   58       PEDAL 
   Ch. 8 ft.     Melodia            58          Ped. 16 ft. Double Open          27
   Ch. 8 ft.     Dulciana           58          Ped. 16 ft. Bourdon              27
   Ch. 4 ft.     Flute d'Amour      58          Ped. 8 ft.  Violoncello          27
   Ch. 2 ft.     Piccolo            58
   Ch. 8 ft.     Clarionet          58          Pedal Check

COUPLERS (Drawknob)                          FOOT LEVERS
   Coupler Sw. to Ped.                          Great Piano - 
   Coupler Gr. to Ped.
   Coupler Ch. to Ped.                          Great Mezzo -

   Coupler Sw. to Gr.                           Great Forte -
   Coupler Ch. to Gr.
                                                Swell Piano -
   Coupler Sw. to Ch.
                                                Swell Forte -

PEDAL MOVEMENTS                                 Gr. to Ped.                   (rev)
   Swell Expression             (bal.)
   Choir Expression             (bal.)
                                                Bellows Signal

ACTION: Mech. Key      VOICES: 27      STOPS: 27      RANKS: 31      PIPES: 1,705
           & Stop

The 1976 OHS Convention Handbook notes read, “Salem's first pipe organ was a two manual
instrument of right stops built by Bachman of the Moravian Community of Lititz, PA. It
was installed in 1808, rebuilt in 1861. In 1885 the congregation voted to secure a new
pipe organ. Seven bids were received and the Miller Pipe Organ Co. of Lebanon was chosen
to construct a three manual tracker organ at the bid price of $3,300.00. Cost of the
organ was to be met by popular subscription and the goal was over-subscribed. Completed
in 1888, the organ was dedicated on August 5 of that year with appropriate service in
both English and German. The Dedicatory Recital was played by Professor D.D. Wood of St.
Stephen's Church, Philadelphia on August 2, 1888.

The organ was restored in 1973-74 by the Andover organ Co. of Methuen, Massachusetts.
For additional information see THE TRACKER, Vol. 20, #3.”

In 1898, a new church edifice was constructed, but the old church – called 'Old Salem'
remained standing with its prized organ. The new church installed a Skinner in 1928.

Sources: OHS 1976 Convention Handbook; extant organ

 [Received from James R. Stettner 2016-08-21.]
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