Howe, Indiana
Howe Military School

Organ by Robert Noehren, 1961, direct electric action, no combination action, no swell division.

   16' Quintadena (t.c.)
    8' Principal (bass "F")(prospect)
    8' Rohrflöte
    4' Octave
    4' Spitzflöte
2-2/3' Nasat (discant)
    2' Octave
    2' Waldflöte
III-V  Mixture
    8' Trumpet (Cavaille-Coll type)

    8' Gedeckt
    8' Gemshorn*
    8' Gemshorn Celeste*
    4' Principal (prospect)
    4' Rohrflöte
    2' Octave
1-1/2' Quint
III-V  Scharf
   II  Sesquialtera (discant)
   II  Cymbel*
    8' Cromhorne
                *indicates preparation for future additions

   16' Subbass (wood)
    8' Principal (prospect)
    4' Octave
    2' Octave (ext.)
    V  Mixture
   16' Posaune
    8' Trumpet (low 12 from Great)
    4' Trumpet (ext.)
          I/II; I/P; II/P; 25 STOPS, 36 RANKS; 1,656 PIPES
     Rear gallery installation, console centered at gallery rail;
     Principals in three proportional cases: great, pedal, positiv.     
     (Noehren recorded some of the Brahms, Opus 122 for Lyrichord 
     [LLST 7123] on the instrument.  For a chuckle, look for another 
     Noehren Lyrichord recording [LLST 7121] of some large works of    
     Max Reger, including the fiendishly difficult Opus 73 Variations, 
     made on two large Danish organs, BUT with a cover photo showing
     the Howe organ case!)   		
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