St. Michael's R. C., Convent, LA
Henry Erben 1857

Manual (enclosed)
Op. Dia.: (56 OM pipes - stopface not original)
Dulciana (39 OM pipes; signed "G. W. Oslr/Dulci F")
Stopd. Diapason Treble [sic] (18-24 SW, 25-56 chimney flute; #25C signed "1857/John Fackler/
    St  Diapason/2ndScale/C No. 1 Organ/Kerfoot C")
Stop Diapason Bass [sic] (17 SW pipes)
Principal (56 OM pipes - stopface not original; signed "G W O")
Flute (39 OM pipes;  signed "1858/Flute/John Fackler")
Fifteenth (56 OM pipes - stopface not original; pipes farmed "Flageolet"; CC signed "Geo 
    Hammill/No. 1 Organ/Kerfoot"
Hautbois (39 pipes; 18-49 reeds, 50-56 OM)

Pedal (20 keys, no independent pipes; couples to manual)

Hitchdown Swell, horizontal shutters.
2 mechanical pedals, one brings on Principal, Fifteenth and Hautbois, another retires them.

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