Portland, Oregon
St. Thomas More R.C.

GEO. KILGEN & SON, Chas. C. Kilgen, 1914
Bond Pipe Organs, Inc., 1983 - Rebuild with Tonal Changes

   8    Open Diapason               61
   8    Melodia                     61
   4    Octave                      61
   4    Flute d'Amour               61
   2    Fifteenth                   61
   III  Mixture                    122

SWELL (Enclosed)
   8    St. Diapason                61
   8    Salicional            (tc)  49
   4    Flute Harmonic              61
   2    Flautino                    61
   8    Trumpet                     61

   16   Bourdon                     30
   8    Stop'd Bass                 30
   16   Trombone                    30

COUPLERS (Drawknob)
   Coupler Sw. to Ped.             [8]
   Coupler Gr. to Ped.             [8]
   Coupler Sw. to Gr.              [8]

FOOT LEVERS (Labeled; l - r)
   Great Piano - 8' Melodia
   Great Forte - 8,8,4,4,2/III  [full]

   Swell Expression             (bal.)

ACTION: Mechanical Key & Stop
PIPES: 810

This organ was originally built for First Presbyterian Church in
California, MO, and was paid for by both a private family and funds
secured from the Carnegie Foundation.

It was dismantled in the 1970's by Dr. Kenyon Latham, and stored for a
time in the old Latham Hospital in California, MO before being relocated
by the Organ Clearing House in 1982. It was rebuilt with tonal changes &
additions by the Bond firm in 1983.

The Great 2' Fifteenth / III Mixture is a half-draw stop. In the half-
drawn position the 2' Fifteenth plays alone. In the fully-drawn position,
the III Mixture plays. The Fifteenth/Mixture replaced the original 8'

The Swell 2' Flautino replaced the original 8' Aeoline, and the 8' Trumpet
replaced the original 8' Geigen Principal.  The bottom 12 notes of the 8'
Salicional are grooved to the 8' St. Diapason.

The Pedal 8' Stop'd Bass and 16' Trombone are new.

The organ was Blessed and Dedicated in a service of music and worship on
Sunday, January 16, 1983 at 7:30 p.m. The guest organist was Adrienne
Moran Reisner.

The organ was pictured in The American Organist, March 1984, Vol. 18, No.
3, pg. 55; however the posted specification errantly lists an 8' Unison
Bass stop in both the Great and the Swell; and a 16' Fagott in the Pedal.

The organ was pictured again, and differently, in a Bond ad in the April
1984 issue of The American Organist, Vol. 18, No. 4, pg. 144.

 [Received on line from James R. Stettner April 20, 2009.]
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