Lynn, Massachusetts
Trinity Methodist (later, Pentecostal Church)

Hook & Hastings, Opus 1261, 1885 - Original Specifications

GREAT                                        COUPLERS (Drawknob)
   8' Op. Diap.                     58          Sw. to Ped.                     [8]
   8' Dulciana                      58          Gt. to Ped.                     [8]
   4' Octave                        58
                                                Sw. to Gt. Unison               [8]
                                                Sw. to Gt. Super 8ve            [4]
SWELL (Expressive)
   8'  Sw. Viola              (tc)  46
   8'  Sw. St'ᵈ Diap.         (tc)  46       PEDAL MOVEMENTS
   8'  Sw. Unison Bass              12          Swell Expression             (bal.)
       Sw. Flute Harmonique         58

   16' Ped. Sub Bass                27

ACTION: Mech. Key & Stop      STOPS: 8      REGISTERS: 8      RANKS: 7      PIPES: 363

The organ is free-standing and encased. The keydesk is attached and projecting with a lid
that lifts to form a music rack. Stops are in the form of drawknobs in terraced jambs on
either side of the manuals. The key cheeks contain key-depth adjustment screws. The
facade consists of a  single central flat of 13 gold-painted Open Diapason pipes. The
Hook catalogue shows this as Size #5 with a cost of $1,200.00.

According to notes by Sarah Johnson on the OHS Database account for this instrument as
restored and installed in Maine, “This organ was originally built for Trinity Methodist
Church in Lynn, Massachusetts in 1885. Either the organ was moved or the church changed
hands but in 1997 at the time of its sale it was located at the Pentecostal church in
Lynn. It was sold through Organ Clearing House to the Episcopal church of St. John the
Divine in Southwest Harbor, ME. David Wallace restored the organ which mainly involved
reversing previous unsatisfactory modifications to the wind system and swell shutters.”

Sources: Photos by Jake Cihla taken 06/08/2018; OHS Database listing & photos of
         Maine re-installation

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