Port Jervis, New York.
First Baptist Church

F.J.N. TALLMAN, No. 50., 1900 - Original Specifications

<u>GREAT</u>                                        <u>COUPLERS</u>
8'   Open Diapason               61          Swell to Pedal
8'   Melodia                     61          Great to Pedal
8'   Dulciana              (tc)  49
4'   Principal                   61          Swell to Great
2'   Fifteenth                   61

                                             <u>FOOT TRUNDLES</u>
<u>SWELL (Expressive)</u>                           None
8'   Violin Diapason       (tc)  49
8'   Salicional            (tc)  49
8'   Stopped Diapason            61          <u>PEDAL MOVEMENTS</u>
4'   Flute d'Amour               61          Swell Expression             (bal.)
2'   Waldflote                   61

16'  Bourdon                     30

<u>ACTION</u>: Mech. Key & Stop     <u>VOICES</u>: 11     <u>STOPS</u>: 11     <u>RANKS</u>: 11     <u>PIPES</u>: 604

This organ was relocated thru the Organ Clearing House to Calvary Episcopal Church in
Burnt Hills New York after a 1966 fire destroyed all but 2 ranks of their 2nd, used
pipe organ – a 1-manual, Wm. A. Johnson, Opus 415. The Tallman was installed with a
new case and tonal changes by Sidney Chase of Worcester, NY.

<u>Sources</u>: Document in the Calvary church files prepared by Keith Wiliams and OHS
         Archivist, Stephen Pinel; Relocated/documented organ in Burnt Hills, NY.

First Baptist Church
Port Jervis, NY.

[Stoplist provided by James R. Stettner, January 1, 2020]
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