Madison, WI
St. Andrew's Episcopal Church

Organ by Taylor & Boody Organbuilders

 Great 		        Choir 		        Pedal 		Couplers
8' Praestant 		8'  Stopt Diapason 	16'  Subbass 	CH/GT
8' Spire Flute 		4'  Chimney Flute 	8' Octave 	GT/PD
8' Viol da Gamba 	2 2/3' 	Nasard 		8' Trompet   	CH/PD
4'  Octave 		2' Octave 					
2' Superoctave 	        III Cornet (c'-c''') 					
III-IV Mixture 	        8' Dulcian 					
8' Trompet 								

Compass: Manuals, C - g'''; Pedal, C - f'
Suspended mechanical key action
Mechanical stop action
Kellner-Bach temperament
Metal pipes of lead-tin alloys
Case and carvings of solid, old-growth, Appalachian white oak
Choir division in Brustwerk position, behind frame and panel doors
Pedal Trumpet and bottom 12 notes of Pedal Octave 8' common with Great
Total number of pipes: 888

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