Burnt Hills, New York
Calvary Episcopal Church

F.J.N. TALLMAN, No. 50., 1900 - 2-11
Sidney Chase, 1967 - Installation & Additions
Bozeman – Gibson, 1975 - Unspecified Repairs
Michael Lorris, 19__ - Unspecified Repairs
Carey Organ Co., 1985 - Tonal Revision & Additions

<u>GREAT</u>                                        <u>COUPLERS</u>
8'     Open Diapason             61          Swell to Pedal
8'     Stopped Diapason          61          Great to Pedal
8'     Dulciana            (tc)  49
4'     Principal                 61          Swell to Great
2'     Fifteenth                 61
II     Mixture                  122

                                             <u>FOOT TRUNDLES</u>
<u>SWELL (Expressive)</u>                           None
8'     Salicional          (tc)  49
8'     Melodia                   61
4'     Flute d'Amour             61
2'     Waldflote                 61          <u>PEDAL MOVEMENTS</u>
1-3/5' Tierce                    61          Swell Expression             (bal.)
1-1/3' Larigot                   61
8'     Oboe                      61

16'  Bourdon                     30

<u>ACTION</u>: Mech. Key & Stop     <u>VOICES</u>: 14     <u>STOPS</u>: 14     <u>RANKS</u>: 15     <u>PIPES</u>: 860

This organ was originally built for First Baptist Church in Port Jervis, NY.

It was relocated thru the Organ Clearing House to Calvary Episcopal Church in Burnt
Hills New York after a 1966 fire destroyed all but 2 ranks of their 2nd, used pipe
organ – a 1-manual, Wm. A. Johnson, Opus 415. The Tallman was installed with a new
case and tonal changes by Sidney Chase of Worcester, NY.

Further repairs were later undertaken by Bozeman-Gibson of Deerfield, NH. and Michael
Lorris of Barre, VT.

In 1985, the Carey Organ Co. of Troy, NY. Tonally revised and enlarged the organ to
15 ranks. The Great 8' Melodia and Swell 8' Stopped Diapason were swapped. The Great
8' Dulciana was reportedly new (or at least to this instrument). The Great II Mixture
is new. The Swell 1-1/3' Larigot is revoiced. The Swell 1-3/5' Tierce is made from
the retained 2-2/3' Twelfth of the church's previous Wm. A. Johnson organ. And the
Swell 8' Oboe is also retained from the Johnson.

<u>Sources</u>: Document in the Calvary church files prepared by Keith Williams and OHS
         Archivist, Stephen Pinel – courtesy of organ tech Pete O'Hearn;
         Relocated/documented organ in Burnt Hills, NY.

Calvary Episcopal Church
85 Lake Hill Rd 
Burnt Hills, NY. 12027
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