Tacoma, Washington
First Methodist Episcopal Church

Hook & Hastings, Opus 1561, 1893 - Original Specifications

GREAT                                        COUPLERS (Drawknob)
   16 ft.  Open Diapason            58          Swell to Pedal
   8  ft.  Open Diapason            58          Great to Pedal
   8  ft.  Salicional               58
   8  ft.  Melodia                  58
   8  ft.  Dulciana                 58       FOOT LEVERS (Unk. If labeled)
   4  ft.  Octave                   58          Swell Piano - 
   4  ft.  Flute d'Amour            58
   3  ft.  Twelfth                  58          Swell Forte - 
   2  ft.  Fifteenth                58
   3 Rks.  Mixture   [19-22-26]    174          Gr. to Ped. - reversible
   8  ft.  Trumpet                  58
                                                Great Piano - 

SWELL (Expressive)                              Great Forte -
   16 ft.  Bourdon            (tc)  46
   16 ft.  Bourdon Bass             12
   8  ft.  Open Diapason            58       PEDAL MOVEMENTS
   8  ft.  Stopped Diapason         58          Swell Expression             (bal.)
   8  ft.  Quintadena               58
   8  ft.  Viola                    58
   8  ft.  Aeoline                  58
   4  ft.  Flauto Traverso [wood]   58
   4  ft.  Violina                  58
   2  ft.  Flautino                 58
   8  ft.  Cornopean                58
   8  ft.  Oboe               (tc)  46       ACTION: Mechanical key & stop
   8  ft.  Bassoon                  12
           Tremolo                           VOICES: 25

                                             STOPS: 27
   16 ft.  Open Diapason  [wood]    27       RANKS: 27
   16 ft.  Bourdon                  27
   8  ft.  Violoncello              27       PIPES: 1,473

This organ was originally built for this location. It was installed at the
front of the sanctuary. The Great 16' and 8' Open Diapasons were partially
in the facade which contained 47 pipes.

The organ was replaced in 1953 by a new 3-manual Aeolian-Skinner, and the
Hook & Hastings is rumored to have been slated for the dump. Balcom and
Vaughan purchased the instrument and removed it between January 5th and
10th, 1953. Some “superfluous” zinc pipes were sold to a Tacoma junk
dealer for scrap value, and this may have included the bottom octave of
the 16' Open Diapason which never made it to the new home. Another Tacoma
drayage firm was to remove all refuse not needed or usable by the church,
and use it as fireplace fuel. [This likely included the slider chests].

The organ was rebuilt on new OSI ventil chests, electrified, enlarged to
3-manuals, and installed at Trinity United Methodist Church in the Ballard
section of Seattle. The Pedal 16' Open Diapason was retained on its
original diatonically-divided chests with a new E-P primary action and
pallet pull-downs.

Sources: Balcom and Vaughan files; extant pipework

 [Received from James R. Stettner 2012-01-04.]
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