First Church of Christ, Scientist
Winnetka, Illinois

W.W. KIMBALL CO., OP. 7245 (1938)

II. GREAT (enclosed, 73 pipes)
8	Open Diapason
8	Melodia
8	Dulciana (85 pipes)
4	Dulcet (ext. Dulciana)
2 2/3	Dolce Twelfth (ext. Dulciana)
2	Dolce Fifteenth (ext. Dulciana)
8	Trumpet
	Chimes (20 tubes, ao–e2)
	Great 16, 8, 4
	Swell to Great 16, 8, 4

II. SWELL (enclosed, 73 pipes)
16	Echo Lieblich (97 pipes)
8	Geigen Diapason 
8	Rohr Flöte (ext. 16)
8	Salicional
8	Voix Celeste
4	Flute d’Amour (ext. 16’)
2 2/3	Nazard (ext. 16’)
2	Flageolet (ext. 16’ 
8	Oboe
8	Vox Humana (in separate enclosure, 61 pipes)
	Swell 16, UO, 4

16	Bourdon (44 pipes)
16	Echo Lieblich (Sw.)
8	Flute (ext. Bourdon)
8	Still Gedeckt (ext. Sw. 16’)
8	Dulciana (Gt.)
8	Chimes (Gt.)
	Great to Pedal 8
	Swell to Pedal 8, 4

4 Gen. Comb. pistons (thumb, under Manual I, at left)
4 Great pistons (thumb, under Manual I)
4 Swell pistons (thumb, under Manual II)
4 Pedal pistons (toe, at left)
Gen C (thumb, under Manual I, at right)
Great to Ped. reversible (toe)
Ped. to Comb. (Great, under Manual I, on/off thumb pistons)
Ped. to Comb. (Swell, under Manual II, on/off thumb pistons)
Deagan Carillon (tab at upper right, Auditorium/Tower control, with rotating volume dial)
Chimes Soft (toe hitch-down, at left, with indicator light)
Chimes Sust. (toe hitch-down, at left, with indicator light)
Balanced Swell expression pedal (center)
Balanced Great expression pedal (left)
Balanced Crescendo pedal (right, with indicator light)
Sforzando reversible (toe lever, with indicator light)
Current (indicator light)
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