Greenacres, Washington
Residence: Judith Temple

JAMES COLE, Op. 335, 1892
Andover Organ Co., 1976, Op. ___  "Tonal Change"
David Wallace & Co., 1992, Op. ___  "Mechanical Change"

<u>GREAT (61 notes)</u>
8' Open Diapason               61
8' Melodia                     61
4' Octave.                     61

<u>SWELL (Expressive)</u>
8' Lieblich Gedeckt.           61
8' Viola.                      61
4' Flute.                      61
2' Flautino                    61

<u>PEDAL (32 notes)</u>
16' Bourdon                    32

Bellows Signal

<u>COUPLERS (Mechanical finger pistons)</u>
Swell to Pedal           On / Off
Great to Pedal           On / Off
Swell to Great           On / Off
Swell to Great Octaves  (drawknob)

Water Motor   [gone]        (h-d)

Swell Expression           (bal.)

The organ was originally built for the Masonic Temple of Augusta, Maine.
It was moved to two subsequent locations before finding its way to St. 
Matthew's Episcopal Church in Lisbon Falls, Maine.  While the organ was 
there in the 1970s, the Andover Organ Co. of Methuen, MA. rescaled, 
cut-down, de-bearded, and revoiced the original Swell 8' Aeoline as a 
2' Flautino.  

In 1992, the church was razed to make room for a parking lot for an adjacent 
funeral home. Organ builder David E. Wallace and organist Nancy Wines Dewan 
rescued the organ. Nancy's sister, Judith Temple, was an organist in the 
Spokane, Washington area. The organ was acquired by her and relocated there 
by David Wallace. Mr. Wallace replaced the original pedalboard with a new, 
32-note AGO pedalboard - also adding a 5-note chest, 5 pipes, and 
extending the coupler action 5 notes. He also releathered the stoppers 
on his way home from the 1995 A.I.O. convention in San Jose, California.
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