Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
St. Charles Borromeo Roman Catholic Church

This instrument is a three-manual tracker built by Hilbourne Roosevelt in 1880.  The 
acquisition of such a very fine instrument was not typical of Irish parrishes in South 
Philadelhia.  The obvious instigator of so fine a purchace was the composer of Catholic 
church music Albert RoSewig, a German national who served as Director of Music at St. 
Borromeo for thirty-fie years -- until his death in 1929.  
The organ is in exactly the same form as when it was built with the exception of an 
electric motor put in in 1904.  It has regrettably suffered some damage in the early 
2000s.  A couple of hunderd pipes were stolen mainly from the bass.  For what reason 
we do not know.  It afftects the Great and Choir as well as the Fagatto in the pedals. 
 The instrument itself is nonetheless quite playable and is played every sunday.  We 
need to raise money to restore the pipes.  The bellows system is also in poor shape.  
All of the wooden ranks are complete.  I have restored the Clarion down to middle C, 
but the Trumpet is too far gone.
The accoustics of this church are excellent such that this could be a very important 

The Stop list is as follows:  


  16     Diapason
   8     Diapason
   8     Gamba
   8     Doppel flute
   4     Principal
   4     Wald flute 
   2 2/3 Twelth
   2     Fifteenth
         Mixture III
   8     Trumpet 
   4     Clarion 


  16     Bourdon
   8     (uncertain, perhaps a soft diapson, has a full harnonic sound) 
 The end is broken off.
   8     Salicional 
   8     Stopped Diapson
   4     Violina
   4     Harmonic Flute
   2     Flageolet
         Cornet II
   8     Cornopaen
   8     Oboe


   8     Violin Diapason
   8     Dulciana
   8     Melodia
   4     Rohr Flute
   3     Nazard
   2     Piccolo
   8     Clarinet


  16     Open Diapson
  16     Bourdon
   8     Violin Cello
   8     Fagotta

Couplers        (all use pistons between the manuals)

   Swell to Pedal         
   Swell to Great         
   Choir to Great        
   Swell to Choir
   Great to Pedal
   Choir to Pedal


I.    Great:  Doppel Flute, 2 Fifteenth, 2 2/3 Twelth
II.   Great: All stops
III.  Swell:    Stopped Diapason, Salicional
IV.   Swell:  All stops

Great to Pedal foot switch

[Received via e-mail from James Hale March 30, 2007.]
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