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Central Lutheran Church
1857 Potter & E. 18th
Eugene, Oregon 97403

OHS Database ID 5628.

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Status and Condition

The organ is in an unaltered state from its installation as described on this page.
The organ is in good condition and in regular use.
We received the most recent update on this organ's state and condition May 19, 2017.

Technical Details

Slider chests. Suspended mechanical key action. Mechanical stop action.

Three manuals. 4 divisions. 38 stops. 60 ranks. Manual compass is 56 notes. Pedal compass is 30 notes.


  • Status Note: There 1996 (OHS PC Database. October 30, 2004)
  • Altered by Brombaugh in 1983 to 60 ranks (change in Great mixture work), and again in 1989 and 1992. Suspended action. Kirnberger III temperament later changed to Kellner "Bach" of 1978. (OHS PC Database. October 30, 2004)
  • Updated through online information from Russ Nyland. (Database Manager. March 13, 2014)

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  • Pape, Uwe. The Tracker Organ Revival in America. (Berlin: Pape Verlag, 1977), 207 [0]

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Keydesk. Photograph by James R. Stettner 2007-06-06
Keydesk. Photograph by James R. Stettner 2007-06-06
Rückpositiv case. Photograph by James R. Stettner 1990-04-23

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  • Typed stoplist. Source: From website
    Eugene, Oregon
    Central Lutheran Church
    John Brombaugh & Associates   Opus 19   1976    3 manuals, 38 stops, 60 ranks
             GREAT (Manual II)                      BRUSTWERK (Manual III)
         16' Prestant (from F)    +              8' Oak Gedackt            
          8' Octave               +              4' Blockflöte (oak)       
          8' Rohrflöte                           2' Principal              
          8' Oak Gamba                              Cimbel III             
          4' Octave                                 Cornet IV (c/cis)      
          4' Spitzflöte                         16' Rankett                
      2 2/3' Quinte                              8' Trechterregal          
          2' Octave                 
      1 3/5' Tierce                                 PEDAL
             Mixture VI-X                       16' Subbass               +
          8' Trumpet              *              8' Octave                +
          8' Vox Humana                          4' Præstant               
                                                 2' Nachthorn              
             RÜCKPOSITIVE (Manual I)                Mixture V              
         16' Quintadena                         16' Posaune                
          8' Præstant (from G)    +              8' Trumpet               *
          8' Gedackt              +              4' Trumpet                
          4' Octave                              2' Cornett                
          4' Rohrflöte              
          2' Waldflöte                              COUPLERS, ETC.
      1 1/3' Sifflet                                Great - Pedal
             Sesquialtera II                        Rückpositive - Pedal
             Scharff III-V                          Rückpositive - Great
          8' Dulcian                                Brustwerk - Great
                                                    Bw Cornet c/cis shift
          *  Great stop playable in                 Cymbelstern
             Pedal by transmission                  Nightengale
          +  Some bass notes common with            Tremulant, adjustable
             pipes of another stop                  Wind stabilizer, adjustable
             Mechanical key action, suspended: attached simple classical keydesk
             Mechanical stop action, simple
             Compasses: Manual - 56 notes; Pedal - 30 notes, flat pedalboard
             Wind pressure: 87mm water column from wedge bellows
             Tuned in unequal temperament: Herbert Anton Kellner's "Bach" of 1978
    [Received from Steven E. Lawson  2017-05-19]
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