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Lincoln, Nebraska, 1969-Present.
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August 30, 2015:

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Bedient Pipe Organ Company primarily builds mechanical key-action instruments, but also builds instruments using electro-pneumatic action. The company has two lines of smaller mechanical action instruments with standardized chassis, but offering customized choices of stops. The customized choices combined with tonal finishing, produces instruments that are not 'stock' models in the usual sense, but custom instruments built using standardized mechanical parts. They range in size from a 5-rank continuo organ to a two-manual and pedal instrument of 16 ranks. The company's larger instruments are fully customized, and may employee electro-pneumatic or mechanical key-action dependent on the client's needs.

Gene Bedient retired in 2010. The company became an LLC with manager members Paul Lytle (past president, advisory), Mark Miller (tonal director), Ryan Luckey (manager of the Service Department), Jasmine Beach (financial administrator), and Robert Lundholm (legal counsel).

Other staff members are Matt Bukrey(service technician and tuner), Marvin Camacho-Cook (organbuilder), Guy Davenport (organbuilder and service technician), John Friesen (sales representative and consultant), Duane Grosse (organbuilder), Holly Heffelbower (director of sales, media, and marketing), Chad Johnson (service technician and voicer), Nick Ryan (service technician and tuner), Fred Zander (organbuilder and service technician), Todd Znamenacek (wood carver and sculptor).


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This entry was created by editor Stephen Hall to provide separate entries for the Bedient Pipe Organ Company and its founder, Gene R. Bedient. The information in this note was extracted from the note in the previous entry "Gene R. Bedient (Co.)" That note was from the OHS PC Database, derived from A Guide to North American Organbuilders, by David H. Fox (Organ Historical Society, 1991; rev. ed., 1997, with updated information). Edited for the revised OHS Online Database website, 2017. -

The Bedient Pipe Organ Company was established by Gene Bedient in Lincoln, Nebraska, in 1969. The firm was associated with the Lincoln Organ Co. The firm was active as of 1995.

Staff: Gwen Bedient; Jason Bedient; Mark Beech; Russell Behrends; Richard Drullinger; Marcy Eddy-Hamilton; Robert Hoppens; Terry Joris; Marla Kallas; Paul Lytle; Joe Magedanz; Jed Martin; Loren Nansel; Terry O'Keefe; Michael Parker; Kathy Schneiders; Mark Smith; Ed Stibal; Kathy Vaughan; Fred Zander.


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