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Mankato, Minnesota from 1964-1967. St. Peter, Minnesota, from 1967.
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September 21, 2015:

From the OHS Database Builders Listing Editor, May 23, 2016. —

Charles Hendrickson retired by 2014, his sons Andreas and Eric are now managing the firm. Eric Hendrickson is head of installations, tuning and service and Andreas Hendrickson is in charge of design.

Source: Jessica Bies, Portraits: Sons of St. Peter pipe organ maker continue Hendrickson legacy, St. Peter Herald, March 27, 2014.

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April 15, 2010:

From the OHS PC Database, derived from A Guide to North American Organbuilders by David H. Fox (Organ Historical Society, 1991). —

Established by Charles Hendrickson in Mankato, Minnesota, 1964; relocated in St. Peter, Minnesota, 1967; active in 2014.

Staff: Kenneth Acrea; Terry Bateman; Merrill N. Davis III; Rodney L. Degner; Lynn A. Dobson; Merle Dummer; Charles Egger; David P. Engen; Jonathon Granlund; Bill Griffith; Andreas Hendrickson; Eric Hendrickson; Robert Hoppe; Luther Johnson; Robert Johnson; Kenneth Kajkowski; Barry Lund; Richard Lurth; Paul Lutz; John Martin; Pete Monkonnen; Andrea Motter; Wayne Paradis; Nathan Privitt; Michael Rooney; Warren Smith; Robert M. Sperling; Kenneth Stromberg; Jon H. Thieszen; Doug Ulfers; Robert F. Werner; Peter Wilson.


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Editor's Note: This article was created by splitting Hendrickson Organ Co. from the original article, Charles Hendrickson (Organ Co.) The original article now is for Charles Hendrickson the person only and not for the company.


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